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  • 11 Jun 2018

      7 Things Orchid Lovers Should Know

    Orchids are the epitome of beauty, luxury, and strength. They belong to a large family of flowering plants with 25000 different species. These beautiful and elegant flowers have a deep connection with Greek mythology. In fact, the name 'orchid' is taken from a Greek word 'orchis,' which means testicle. Another legend associates them with a Greek character called Orchis, whom the gods turned into a flower. Their geometrically-shaped petals, distinct patterns, beauty,  fragrance, and medicinal properties have made them exotic flowers. They look rich and luxurious when used in floral displays. No wonder, florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to add grace and beauty to any events. If you are an orchid lover, you must know these seven things about it.

    Orchid Characteristics

    Orchids are found in a gamut of colors and sizes. Some species of these delicate flowers can grow to small, medium, and large size. The medium and large-sized orchids belong to the Grammatophyllum species and can even weigh up to a hundred pound, or more than that. The smallest orchid - Plztystele jungermannioides grow to a meager size of 2mm. Whether small, medium, or large three petals, and three sepals, which also resemble the petals are the common characteristics in orchids. The waxy tube-like structure found in orchids is called column, which is a combination of the male and female plants' organs. However, what make orchids similar is their bilateral symmetrical structure. They are pollinated by bees and other insects. 

    Orchid flowers

    What your love for orchid makes you

    Orchid lovers are considered polite, practical, and social. This means, you are the one who doesn't get carried away easily and weigh your attitude carefully. Though you have a refined taste, you struggle a lot when it comes to polishing your appearance. You are honest and speak your mind. But since orchids are expensive flowers, you experience a sudden change in your mood. If you want to express appreciation to someone for their refined and worldly characteristics, order flowers online in Melbourne and send a bouquet of orchids.

    14th Anniversary Flower

    Orchid is gifted to loved ones to congratulate them on their 14th wedding anniversaries. By sending a bouquet of orchids of this occasion, you express love, and appreciate the couple for their wisdom, and thoughtfulness. With the orchid bouquet, you also wish the recipient a long life.

    14th anniversary gift idea

    High survival instinct

    Some species of orchid plants are blessed with a long life. They can literally survive up to 6 months.  But such species only grow once or twice in a year. However, the lifespan of orchids will depend on how you take their care. Just provide the right environment for them to thrive by placing the plant in  a bright area.

    Orchid flower plant

    Orchid meaning and symbolism

    Orchid is a perennial flower with high regard in Greek and Chinese mythology. It symbolizes love, beauty, fertility (in Chinese culture), refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. The Greek considers its large tuberous roots as a symbol of a male child, and the small tubers for a female child.


    Orchid color meanings

    The common meanings of orchid are love and beauty. But due to their variety in colors, each carries a different meaning.


    •         Blue – This orchid color represents rarity since they are rare to find. One can find orchids in tinted blue, but not true blue.
    •          Red – This color symbolizes passion, desire, strength, and courage
    •          Pink – Pink orchid signifies joy, happiness, grace, innocence, and femininity
    •          White – White orchid symbolizes humility, innocence, purity, and elegance
    •          Purple – Purple color in orchid represents admiration, dignity, respect, and royalty
    •          Yellow – Yellow orchid is meant for celebrating friendship, joy, and new beginning
    •          Orange – Orange orchid expresses boldness, pride, and enthusiasm 

    Colour meaning of orchid flower

    Orchid usage

    The floral industry worldwide is smitten by the beauty of orchid flowers. Therefore, all online florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to grace the occasion. Orchids are also used for preparing perfumes, spices, and drug owing to their fragrance and medicinal properties.

    To grace any event or decorate home with orchids, order online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers and receive same-day flower delivery in Melbourne. You can find the best species of orchids with them anytime of the year.

  • 04 Jun 2018

      5 Inspirational Tips for Flower Arrangement in Office

    Deckingup your office with flowers is not easy even if it looks so. Just pitching afew flowers with stems in a vase and placing it randomly anywhere will do nogood. In fact, it will display poor aesthetic sense, and may even make visitorsto the office chuckle. Only if you are able to select the right office flowersand plants, you can create some appealing flower arrangements for your office.Follow these 5 inspiration tips to decorate your office with flowers.

    Floralcenterpiece for reception

    Thereception is the first thing visitors and clients see first. If it is adornedproperly with flowers, it can create welcome feelings for the guests and createa positive ambiance as well. Since the reception is also the area wherevisitors wait, they would not mind waiting even if the appointment timeexceeds. Choose flowers that don't perish soon. In this regard, orchid flowersoutshine all the other blooms. But then, they are pricey. That's why they areregarded as ornamental flowers. Use peony and hydrangea flowers, grasses with greenfoliage and arrange them in a crystal pedestal bowl. This table centerpiecewill warm up the reception and soothe senses.

     Floral centerpiece for reception


    Floralcenterpiece for conference room

    Let'sadmit it that the conference room of every office is an area where lengthy andboring discussions take place. For some, the discussion is to sneak a quick nap.To keep the employees awake, add some splash of color and enhance the outcomeof the meeting. A cylindrical-shaped vase with a wide-open mouth to hold adozen of flowers stems and green foliage will do the job of refreshing. Pick anykind of flowers for the vase in multiple colors. Remember, the flowerarrangement shouldn’t appear too loud, but exudes a corporate look.

     Floral centerpiece for conference room


    OfficeDesk flower arrangement

    Oftendesk in offices are riddled with notepads, and pens. No doubt, these areessential items to work. The downside is, it makes the work station dull andboring. So add spice to the office desk with a just a glass and a few rosestems. Pick your favorite flower and color and place them in the glass. Keepthe glass vase next to the computer screen. Who knows, the fresh flowers canalso minimize the side effect of the radiation emanating from the monitor.


     Office Desk flower arrangement


    Orchids and foliage arrangement

    Acontemporary arrangement or orchids and foliage can give a vibrant look to theoffice. Use white and yellow orchids along with green and arrange them in asquare acrylic vase with 5-inch wide open mouth. You can keep this flowerarrangement on the table where your employees will be doing creative work.

     Orchids and foliage arrangement>


    Rustic Charm

    Ifyou want to add country charm to your office, then this flower arrangement ofgarden daisies in a rustic metal pitcher will exude that charm. This floralhappiness appears straight from the farm and help employees connect with theirhome town.


     Rustic Charm

    Ifyou want to deck up your office with fresh flowers, contact Melbourne FreshFlowers. This online florist delivers fresh corporate and office flowers to bigbrand names across Australia and offer fabulous flower arrangement for offices,restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. 

  • 28 May 2018

      Flower Arrangement Ideas for Decorating Table for an Event

    Decorating tables for events are the significant task as it needs innovative skills so that the overall look would be eye-grabbing. There are the different sorts of arrangements available to turn the tables for an awesome event, but very few can convert to fruitful appearance. One of the beautiful arrangements for table decors for events is flowers.

    Why are Flowers Proved to be the Best in Decor?

    Flowers are the lovely gift from God. No comparison of it as it has beautiful, vibrant colours and distinct shapes. When the decoration does by adding different flowers such as carnation, Alstromeria, Gerberas, Orchids, Roses, and more. No words are left to praise the beauty. Apart from offering the awesome look, flower decoration gives a pleasant fragrance and enthusiastic feeling to the guests. If you are planning to decorate an event’s table with flowers, it is a well-appreciated idea and for this, you can take the help of Melbourne Fresh Flowers as you will able to get the wide bunches of flowers having different types so that the overall look will amazing.

    Let’s look at the Table Arrangements ideas with Flowers for Events:

    1. Arrange Strings of Gerbera Flowers Around the Corner of Tables

    Order the strings of Gerbera flowers and arrange these around the tables. To make it extra beautiful, adding a vase of mix carnations in the middle of the table. This sort of décor will give an entire look to the table which will need extra decor. Moreover, guests will influence & Impressed by these vibrant flowers.

    event flowers arrangement

    2. Place Amazing Beauty Bouquet in the Middle

    If you expect a quickest décor, place the amazing beauty bouquet in the center of the table. It has a tall height with different layers of flowers that will suit nicely while placed on a white satin sheet. It is a collection of orchid flowers in a middle of white and red roses. To buy this amazing flower for your events, take the help of Melbourne fresh flowers.

    flowers delivery

    3. Decor with Carnation Flowers Arrangement with some Candles

    Another way of decorating tables for an event is the use of carnation flower arrangement which doesn’t require any hard work. Just buy it from the Melbourne fresh flowers and place it in the middle of tables as it is a bunch of Gladiolus and red and yellow carnations.

    flowers delivery melbourne

    4. Decor the corners with Lilies and Roses.

    Another innovative way of turning your events tables, awesome is adding bouquets of lilies and roses flowers. While decorating the corners with flowers, you may add some simple decorative piece in the middle like crystal vases or other things.

    flower delivery online

    5. Heart desire Flower Vase to get a Romantic Look

    If your event is related to a marriage or reception events, it will be the best to place the Heart desire flower vase in the middle of the table by adding white sheets only. This white and red combination will turn the overall look of the venue, awesome and eye-grabbing.

    order flowers online

    Moreover, to get the wide collection of flowers for your upcoming events, get it through the flower Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

  • 24 May 2018

      Flowers : The Best Gift for Wedding Anniversary by Year

    Every wedding anniversary is special for the couple. It brings back the sweet memories of the nuptial, and also infuses confidence in them to take their relationship further. Gifting anniversary flower to spouse, or wishing your loved ones on their anniversary makes the moment special. Flowers are the best gift for anniversary, and each one is specially marked for each anniversary. The right flower for wedding anniversary by year can truly makes the event special for the couple. If you want this happy and proud moment for your loved ones in Melbourne to be special, then send anniversary flowers to Melbourne,order any of these. through a reputed online florist.

    Here are the anniversary flowers by year

    1st Anniversary – Carnations

    flower delivery melbourne

    Anniversary is always a memorable moment for the couple. Spending one-year of marriage together is short-step towards something big. This is the time when the couple understands each other and strengthen their bond and commitment. Hence, gift your loved one a bouquet of red carnations since it symbolizes love and commitment. If your local florist has ran out of carnation, go online for anniversary flower delivery Melbourne.

    2nd Anniversary – Lily of the Valley

    anniversary flower delivery melbourne

    Deep maturity and strong understanding for each other creeps in by the time of 2nd anniversary. Entering into second year of marriage also make the couple realize that they have overcome all the short falls, and accepted each other with their plus and minuses. Express your best wishes with a bouquet of lily of the valley. It symbolizes warmth, strength, and devotion for the married relationship.

    3rd Anniversary – Sunflowers

    anniversary flowers

    Sunflowers have different meanings across cultures. However, they are most commonly associated with loyalty, love, and warmth. Thus, they make an apt gift for third anniversary to honor the bonding between the couple. Their bright yellow color also represent happiness,vitality, and intelligence. Moreover, the yellow colour is also symbolic for friendship.

    4th Anniversary – Hydrangea

    anniversary flower delivery

    anniversary is the time to appreciate the couple for growing their relationship through all odds. A bouquet of this beautiful flower will represent appreciation for the couple.Hydrangea also stands for gratitude and deep understanding between the couple.A bouquet of hydrangea in pink, white, and purple color will express heart felt emotions for the couple. If these many colours aren't available with the local florist, contact online florist Melbourne.

    5th Anniversary – Daisies

    online anniversary flower delivery

    Celebrate love and life and togetherness of half a decade with a bouquet of daisies. Gifting your spouse a bouquet of Daisies will strengthen your relationship. Since husband and wife are also the best friend of each, these lovely blossoms will also celebrate friendship.

    6th Anniversary – Calla Lilies

    online flower delivery

    6 fabulous years of togetherness infuses love and wisdom into couple. By this time, their love not only deepens, but they also grow in experience and knowledge, and are in a better position to take decisions concerned with life. So go ahead and gift a bouquet of callalilies to the couple. Feel free to experiment with different colours or choose the usual white, pink, and purple for a bouquet.

    7th Anniversary – Freesias

    order anniversary flowers online

    Reaching this stage of married life makes the couples inseparable companions for life. They become so dependent on each other that they commit each other to share the life till the end. So make them happy and appreciate them for the trust and wisdom they share with a bouquet of freesias. The sweet smell of these beautiful flowers also represent innocence,friendship, and faithfulness. Pick red, pink, and yellow colours for the bouquet.

    8th Anniversary – Lilacs

    buy anniversary flowers online

    Lilacs are spring flowers and their blooming marks the beginning of spring. Since spring are symbolic for new life and new love, send your loved ones a bouquet of lilacs in purple and white color for 8th anniversary. This gift will also infuse youthful innocence in the couple's life. The lilacs will as well bring back the memories of the days when the couple has fallen in love with each other.

    9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise

    send anniversary flowers online

    This South African native flower resembles a flying bird. Their striking appearance and bright color make themperfect as 9th anniversary gift. Since a bird in flight is symbolicof freedom and happiness, gift the couple a bouquet of Bird of Paradise to appreciatetheir relationship of love, freedom, and happiness.

    10th Anniversary – Daffodils

    anniversary flowers

    A decade of love is a fabulous achievement for the couple. At this stage of life, the couple discovers that they are truly made for each other. So make this moment special for them by sending a bouquet of yellow daffodils. The yellow color will signify the love and passion they share. To make it more creative, include tulips in the bouquet as well. Yellow daffodils and pink tulips are popular combination for online anniversary flowers Melbourne

    11th Anniversary – Tulips

    Tulips delivery melbourne

    It takes strong devotion to spend 11years of marriage together. This is the stage when there is deep love,understanding, and maturity between the couple. Needless to say that they alsobecome addicted to each other and share an immense comfort level. Such a milestone achievement deserves celebration with tulips. A bouquet of red tulipsfor the couple will be a token of appreciation for their devotion.

    12th Anniversary – Peonies

    Peonies delivery melbourne

    Wishing prosperity and good fortune to the couple on their 12th anniversary is best done by gifting a bouquet of peonies. These pretty flowers are regarded as a sign of happiness. So gift the happy couple a bouquet of pretty peonies.

    13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemums

    Chrysanthemums delivery melbourne

    Celebrating 13th anniversary is a sign of abundance of love the couple shares. Being together for such along time also shows their fidelity for each other. The petaled mums are alsosymbolic for good luck. So appreciate their love and fidelity with a bouquet of chrysanthemums. White chrysanthemum stands for devoted love, whereas red for passionate love.

    14th Anniversary – Orchids

    Orchids delivery melbourne

    Nothing can separate the couple who hasspent 14 glorious years together for their love is strong, firm, andunconditional. Such traits of the couple are indeed commendable. So appreciatethem with a bouquet of orchids. Pick pink orchids for the bouquet since theystand for pure affection.

    15th Anniversary – Roses

    online Roses delivery

    15 years of togetherness is a sign of surviving all odds and backing each other. This stage of married life also shows the strong dedication between the couple. For such a positive trait, gift them a bouquet of 21 roses. If you have immense love for the couple, gift them a bouquet consisting of 50 long-stemmed roses.

    If you are looking for anniversary flower for your spouse or loved ones in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. This online florist Melbourne can create perfect anniversary bouquet and deliver it the same day.

  • 11 May 2018

      5 Great Occasions For Sending Congratulations Flowers

    Flowers are such a beautiful creation of nature, they make an ideal gift for any occasion. Their beauty, color, and fragrance just add flavor to the occasion. They are the best surprise that recipients love. If you want to surprise your near and dear ones for their achievements, send them flowers. Expressing happiness, and saying congratulations with flowers is a good gesture. No matter what corner of the world you reside, congratulating friends and relatives with congratulations flower delivery in Melbourne is simple. Here are the 5 great occasions for sending congratulation flowers.


     congratulations flower

    Graduating from a college or university is the best feeling ever. It makes the person complete and in stills worldly confidence in him or her. It also reminds the graduate that the time has come to shift from the academic world to the real-world of professionalism. To elevate such a joyful feeling, send the graduate congratulation flowers. There are many varieties to send congratulations flowers Melbourne for graduation.

    The best way to congratulate the graduate is by sending bright, colorful flowers. A bouquet of carnations makes the best graduation gift. The color variations and fragrance of carnations can make the graduate's day more cheerful. If you want to be creative in sending congratulations flowers, choose the grad's school color as the theme. Many schools have common color of blue and white. So a bouquet of Iris flowers in blue will make the best gift. For blue and yellow color of the school, send abouquet mixed of blue Iris and yellow tulips. There is also an option in orchids and roses to send the best congratulatory gifts for new graduates.

    First/New Job

    Flower delivery melbourne

    After graduation, the next big achievement is getting a job. First job is a new start in life. When a fresh graduate gets a job, he/she is on cloud nine. Make this moment special for him or her by sending congratulations flowers. Wish good luck and encourage them to take new challenges ahead. A bouquet of yellow gerbera symbolizes brightness for new beginning. You can also congratulate your friends and relatives when they quit their present one and shift to a new job. There is an incredible range of congratulations flowers with online florists in Melbourne that makes expressing happiness on your loved one's achievements easy. With reliable and convenient  services for flower delivery Melbourne, congratulating your loved one from any corner of the world is easy.

    Job Promotion

    congratulations flowers

    Receiving a promotion on the job is a great achievement. It makes the person feel good seeing the efforts being recognised. To show how happy you are on the recipient's achievement, send congratulations flowers. You can send flowers to Melbourne for your loved ones on their job promotion and show them you appreciate their tireless efforts, and wish them to continue with the same zeal and vigor for improving lives that are connected with them. For congratulating on job promotion, there are many choices in flowers. A bouquet of yellow, orange, roses, or red carnations can inflate the happiness quotient.


    Online flower delivery melbourne

    Getting hitched is a special feeling, and it marks a new beginning of life that is full of responsibilities, and commitment. It's a great moment of the life for the couple, and hence deserves an appreciation. Such an occasion must be celebrated with congratulatory bouquets that are colourful and prepared with a variety of flowers. The types offlower arrangements for congratulating on a marriage are vast. You can opt fora single of mixed flower arrangement. The online florist will also arrangeflowers of the size of a palm as well as the size of a car.

    New Born

    send flowers to melbourne

    Welcoming a child is the most precious moment in life. A child fills tons of happiness in the couple's life and gives a meaning to the marriage. Becoming parents is an amazing and proud moment for the couple. The joy knows no bounds when a new member arrives in the family. So congratulate the proud parents with new baby bouquets. Fresh bouquets in blue and pink flowers are best to congratulate the couple on new arrival. When you order with an online florist Melbourne, they can even help in decking up the baby's room. Providing a bright and cheerful environment to the newborn is a best way of welcoming the child.

    These are the 5 occasions that are specialin people's live and deserve appreciation. To congratulate your friends and relatives for these special moments, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. This online florist makes ordering and expressing happiness for your loved ones simple with their attractive range of flower arrangement and same-day delivery.

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