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  • 01 Jan 2018

      5 Most Popular Flowers To Give On Valentine's Day Special

    It's that time of the year when confessing and proposing love to the significant other is given precedence. While the style of revealing one's love differs among people, nothing says “I love you” better than fresh Valentine's flowers. They are best to win over hearts and get back the lost love. Whether already in relationship or getting ready to enter in, here are 5 flower ideas to surprise and impress your sweetheart on Valentine's day.

    Red Roses

                                                                  Roses Flower Delivery in Melbourne     Roses Flower Delivery Melbourne

    Red roses are symbols of love, romance, and passion. Which is why they are hard to separate from this traditional day. Gifting single or a bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day is a tradition. As such, these romantic flowers are vulnerable to go out of stock. If you really want to impress your soul mate, book them with a local online florist early. The online florist will take care to deliver the red roses to the special person on Valentine's Day.


                                                                  Orchid Flower For valentine's Day     Orchid Flowers Online For valentine's Day

    To express admiration for your Valentine's grace and beauty, orchid flowers can convey it aptly. These attractive flowers are known to represent beauty, love, and luxury. A romantic bouquet of orchids for your sweetheart will deepen her love for you, and make her day unforgettable.


                                                                  Tulips Flower For Valentine's Day      Tulips Flower Online For Valentine's Day

    Very few knew that tulips are one of the popular Valentine's flowers. They come in purple, red, pink, violet, yellow, and orange colours. Send your valentine a bouquet of tulips to display enduring love. These classic and beautiful flowers are also perfect for Valentine's day flower arrangement.


                                                    Lilies Flowers For Valentine's Day    Lilies Flowers Online

    When you admire your sweetheart for her fidelity and faithfulness, devote your love to her by sending a hand-tied bouquet of lilies. You will be spoiled for colour when selecting lilies. You can pair pink lilies with red roses to make infuse fragrance in her life. Sending a bouquet of lilies to your sweetheart will show how special she is for you.


                                                       Carnation Flower Delivery in Melbourne     Carnation Flower Delivery online

    Showing your soul mate that she is the most admirable person in your life and wishing her good luck on Valentine's day can be expressed elegantly by red carnations. Carnations are a part of many bouquets on several occasions. They are long-lasting and look attractive due to full-blown shape.

    Besides the above-mentioned 5 flowers for Valentine's Day, here is a bonus for you. You can send a bouquet of pink roses online to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day as they are being favoured by people in romance.

  • 06 Oct 2017

      10 Unusual and Weirdest Flowers and Their Names

    Whenever beauty and looks are talked about, flowers are referred to. Flowers of any size, shape, or colour never recede to fascinate. There are a few strange but beautiful flowers that we need to see and understand the mystic creation of nature.

    1] Monkey Orchid

                                                           Monkey Orchid flowers

    Beautiful and strange things are not common to see. One has to be lucky and audacious enough to venture and trek through the Ecuadorian and Peruvian mountains to a tiring height of 1000 to 2000 meters to see Monkey Orchid or Dracula simia. The lips, petals, and columns of these flowers is so uniquely arranged that it is easy to feel that a baboon's image has been engraved in it.

    2] Swaddled Babies


    These beautiful Orchids flowers are found in the Andes mountains of Columbia and are one of the 10 species of Anguloa genus. Their shape resembles a baby being swaddled or wrapped in a cloth. They don waxy petals and cream colour and reeks of cinnamon and have a long life. Their thin and delicate leaves creased with plump conical pseudobulbs make one feel like holding in palms.

    3] Naked Man Orchid


    These are one of the amazing species of Orchids that is targeted by humans due to its potential to cure diarrhea, flatulence, and act as an agent for arising sexual desire. They are indigenous to Mediterranean regions. These flowers bear the look of tiny naked men hanging from a floral axis. They are grown in a combination of two tones – bright pink & white and light purple-white. Since they are vulnerable to extinction because of their many uses, they are better to order to a reputed online florist in Melbourne and avoid legal trouble.

    4] Hooker's Lips


    These Rubiaceae plant family are reckoned for sensuality. Hooker's Lips or the Psychotria Elata wears a unique shape of a woman's lips. The lips are actually a bract in bright-red color. To complement its sensuality, the green leaves at its base work like a Cupid's bow. They are native to tropical rain forests of Africa.

    5] Snapdragon and its Skull


    Found in Europe, North Africa, and America, these flowers are also called Antirrhinum. The steam pod produces petals that look like the face of a dragon that close and open their mouth when squeezed. But when they fade and wither, what's left behind is the dangerous looks of a human skull. Due to the seedpod wearing a frightening look, these flowers were considered to hold supernatural power in the olden days.

    6] Bleeding Heart


    These flowers of Lamprocapnos species are best to gift when deep and passionate love or strong emotions has to be conveyed. They bear the name because of their unique shape that resembles a heart. They wear bright fuchsia petals. When bloomed, the petals open up and give way to the inner part called the “lady in a bath” that looks like a droplet. They are found in North and East Asia in Siberia, China, Japan, and Korea.

    7] Ballerina Orchid


    Just a look at Ballerina orchid that grows in Australian island is enough to remind you of a ballet dancer. The cream-colored flowers with a dash of maroon color and three different tones in petals and sepals are as impressive as a ballet dancer striking a pose. What completes the look of Ballerina orchid like a ballet dancer is the white part that resembles a tutu worn by the dancer.

    8] Dove Orchid/Holy Ghost Orchid


    A genus of Peristeria orchid, these flowers are indigenous to South America, Panama, Trinidad & Costa Rica. They bloom in pure white with an amazing structure inside that resembles a little dove with a tiny yellow beak and wings freckled in pink. Due to their looks, they are synonyms to peace.

    9] Parrot Flower


    These rare genusus of balsam family are found in Thailand, Burma, and north-east state of India. They were first discovered by Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1901. Due to their parrot-like looks, they are named “Impatiens psittacina.” When they bloom, they look like a “flying cockatoo.”

    10] Duck Orchid


    Caleana major or the flying duck orchid are native to southern and eastern wilderness of Australia. Each of the stem grows 2 to 4 flowers in reddish brown with a single leaf in green colour at the base of the stalk. They bloom during September to January. Due to their labellum that resembles a duck's beak and its extension the head of the bird, they are named so.

    If you see them closely, you can contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers at 1300 60 20 11. This online florist in Melbourne has local and international business associates and can source beautiful but strange flowers for you.

  • 12 Oct 2017

      5 Best Easy and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Flowers

    Whether you have planned the Big Day in a church, hall, garden, or on a beach, without flowers, the wedding ceremony will be a damp squib. Luckily, there are best wedding planners in Melbourne who can handle the responsibility of decorating your wedding venue. These wedding planners know how to use flowers for arch, pews, centrepieces, floral monogram, and gorgeous floral backdrop. If you are looking for wedding venue decoration, read these 5 best easy and creative ways.

    Floral Wall

                                                           Wedding Flowers Online

    If you want your wedding ceremony to be resplendent, then awash the backdrop of the stage with a floral wall. Use pastel pink blooms and hang them on a thin, soft, and light fabric to resemble a veil. See that the gauzy fabric is in white color so that it goes well with the bride's gown. Tie dark green foliage along with flowers in different shades around the edge of the veil. When the floral wall is ready, you can either use it as a backdrop of the stage, or at the place reserved for the bride and groom for dining.


                                                           Online Wedding Florist

    Flower centrepieces are the most attractive items that change the look of a room, office, or a wedding venue. There is nothing better for dressing up dining tables, cake table, and altar than flower centrepieces. The good thing about them is that there is no limit to let your creative juice flow and are best for DIY wedding decoration.

    You just need to order wedding flowers of your choice along with accessories like ribbon, vase, jar, etc. If you want to save money, you can even use empty food containers. Just tie a bunch of flowers with a satin ribbon after cutting the stems in equal length and place it in a glass jar or a cylindrical-shaped vase. For rustic appeal, use a rectangular wooden container and overfill it with green foliage and flowers. For a romantic touch, pair the centrepiece with floating candle jars.

    Chairs and Aisles

                                                           Wedding Flowers Delivery

    The bride and groom are the center of attraction in a wedding. As such, they both must be offered the best of comfort and every possible luxury. One way to do so is to adorn the couple's chair with soft silk fabric and flowers. Tie bunches of different wedding flowers to the couple's chair with pink ribbons. You can even hang small tealight holders on either side of the chair with a couple of roses. To decorate the aisles, flower markers are the simplest and elegant. Use mason jars and fill it with flowers and stems and place next to each chair. At the back of the chairs for guests, tie a small mason jar that can hold four flowers and a few stems.

    Wedding Arch

                                                           Wedding Flowers Delivery in Melbourne

    To capture the alluring moment of a wedding ceremony, wedding arc plays an important role. It serves both as a backdrop and a stage for the couple to click photographs. You can make the wedding arch matching to your wedding theme. If you have selected a beach as the venue, you can use four canes just a few inches more than the height of the couple. Fix those canes on the beach and drape it with a fabric from the top and keep it flowing at the bottom. At the top of the two canes, tie a bunch of flowers.

    Floral Pieces

                                                           Wedding Planners in Melbourne

    You can unleash your imagination to the maximum for decorating your wedding venue with floral pieces for there is no limit in making these attractive pieces. You can use wedding flowers for creating a heart shape of any size. Or use flower arrangements and hang it to the chandelier in the hall. To keep the budget in control, use green foliage more than flowers for floral pieces.

    Whether you are planning for DIY for decorating your wedding venue with flowers or hiring a wedding planner, you will need help of an online wedding florist. If the wedding is in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers at 1300 60 20 11 for all your wedding decoration needs.

  • 01 Nov 2017

      Top 5 Native Australian Flowers You Would Like

    Make Your Occasion Special With Australian Flowers

    When you heard of the term Australia, what is the first thing comes into your mind? Flowers are the thing that brings a smile on your face and add vibrant colours. They get all the attractions when bloom completely. The treasure of Australia depends on 12000 species of native wildflowers planted in the land of this country. The fanatical floral area is scattered along with red sandy trails and awe the people.

    Flower Delivery in Melbourne

    1. Wreath Lechenaultia

    When these flowers bloom, it looks like a floral garland on the ground. They are grown on sandy or gravelly soils and planted between August and November. Basically, it is native to the woodland and belongs to the family of Goodeniaceae. They generally grew to the height of 15 cm and having the diameter of 1 meter. The blooms range from pink to red colour.

    Send Flowers Online to Melbourne2. Everlasting daisies

    These belong to the daisy family and grow naturally in the southern areas of Western Australia and extended in South Australia too. The beautiful colours drive the tourists every year. They bloom for two weeks and after that start drying. Depending on the conditions, everlasting flowers are fully adaptable. You can order flowers online with us. It is advised to pick the flowers in the morning as daisies close up at night. The fresh flowers are picked and keep into the container of water.

    Best Online Florist in Melbourne3. Starflowers

    The elegantly fragrant flowers are starry and blooms in spring. They produce a flush of bright blooms and avoid deer and rabbits coming near them. There are 75 species of these flowers available in Australia. One of the species, Calytrix tetragona grows throughout the year, but the colour is very bland when compared with the wildflower. The size of flowers is about 500 mm to 2.5 m and grown in the month of August and November.

    Online Flower Delivery Melbourne

    4. Green bird flowers

    It is one of the members of Fabaceae (Pea) family. The flowers actually look like the birds that are touching the central stalk using their beak. That is why named as Green bird flowers. These are basically found in the northern area of Western Australia. Hot and arid areas are suitable for growing these flowers. The irregularity of flowers catches the glimpse of many onlookers.

    Buy Flowers Online in Melbourne5. Mulla Mulla

    The flowers have pink to purple spikes and grown in throughout the Australia. These required hot and arid conditions for proper plantation. Also known as lamb’s tails, these are 150 mm long and bloom from July to December. We are involved in flowers delivery online at affordable prices.

    When the flowers blossom, it brings hope and fill the life with fragrance. These are the sweetest things created by God and welcome the happiness. Order flowers now with us at most reasonable rates. You can find different types of flowers that is perfect for all kinds of occasion or gift to your loved ones. Choose the one that best suited you. Each one of them has the soul and blossom in the nature making it more beautiful.

    If you see them closely, you can contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers at 1300 60 20 11. This online florist in Melbourne has local and international business associates and can source beautiful but strange flowers for you.

  • 08 Nov 2017

      Explore the World of Christmas Flowers as Gifts and Decorations

    Christmas is the most beautiful time of the coming summer season. Without an attractive decoration, your holly jolly Christmas will definitely look incomplete. Celebrate this occasion with best decorators in Melbourne, Melbourne Fresh Flowers. They will bring an abundance of warmth and give you cheerful memories.

    You can visit our website and explore our online shop to look out for the collection that will inspire your decoration ideas. Update your Christmas decoration with us and discover varieties of flowers styled in wreaths or garlands and in many other forms. Welcome the festive spirit and make your choice from the affordable collection. Additionally, you can buy Christmas flowers to gift your loved ones and give them a reason to smile and remember you.

    Melbourne Fresh Flowers is the right place where you can get the right gift for your friends and family. You can rely on our Christmas day flower delivery as we believe in serving our clients and bring happiness in their life. Offered are some of the best options of flowers that you can use for decorating your home or gift anyone.


    Either it is a wreaths or table Centerpiece, the ornamental holly berries are always used for the decoration purpose in the Christmas season. The holly flowers are the beautiful options to gift someone. The shrubs and trees have smooth bark and boast delicate flowers, plump red berries having leathery, shiny leaves. It’s totally your choice, how you want to hang them, either from the roof, walls or mantelpiece. We guarantee that, these beautiful flowers will bring Christmas cheer and spark to your house.


    Being a symbol of love, peace and goodwill, it is the ritual for many years of hanging the Mistletoe in your home at the time of Christmas. There is one more custom that if a couple kiss under the Mistletoe, it brings lots of good luck. No doubt, it is used as a symbol of love.


    It is a shrub that is native of Mexico and the local people call it ‘Noche Buena’. The meaning of these two words is Christmas Eve. Its relation to the festive season started 400 years back. The story behind this is that there was a girl who didn’t have that much of money to buy a Christmas gift of Jesus. An angel encouraged her to collect the weeds that transformed into the Crimson blossoms and from that time are favourites among the Christmas flowers. Grab the Christmas Flower delivery Melbourne service online to order it.


    It is also one of the most picked flowers for the Christmas season that is used in wreath and table centerpiece. When used along with holly, red ribbons or other greenery things, this definitely brings colour and vibrancy to the home.

    5.Christmas Rose

    Undoubtedly, Christmas rose is the traditional flower used in the Christmas. These are of pure white colour, but in winter months, the colour little bit converted into pretty pink.

    Melbourne Fresh Flowers offer you lots of options. You do not have to venture more in the market as you can get each kind of decorative and gift collection here only. We provide Christmas flowers delivery online across Melbourne. 

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