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  • 27 Mar 2018

      6 Easter Flowers Perfect for Decorating and Giving

    With Easter just a few days away, it’s time to contemplate and affirm our faith in good deeds. It’s our moral responsibility to think awhile why Lord Jesus suffered so much for us. What made him endure excruciating pain and sufferings? What gave Him the strength and support to sustain such a horrific humiliation? You will realise that He had hopes for new beginnings. An era in which people will be treated equally and there will be love everywhere, and not hate. So let go all the hatred and make way for love. It’s time to open up your mind and heart and embrace new things. Get into the spirit of celebration and new beginnings with these 6 Easter flowers.

    The Lily

                                                      Lily Bouquet Online

    Easter is a celebration of victory of good over evil. It’s the day when Lord Jesus was resurrected and there were joy, happiness, love and hope for a better tomorrow. So, the best way to get the essence of Easter is to bring white lilies to home since these delicate flowers symbolize love and hope. By using lilies for home decoration, you display your willingness to embrace new things. And by gifting it to you family members and friends, they indicate your love for them. By incorporating lilies in Easter's celebration, you are also preserving the traditional way of imbibing divinity and purity.

    Easter Daisy

                                                      Easter Daisy Online

    Since Easter in Australia marks autumn, one popular flower that blooms this time of the year is Easter Daisy. It is tiny little white flowers when used in bunches and placed in a glass jar can infuse joy and happiness in the home atmosphere. Keeping the jar overflowing with Easter Daisies on the dinning table will heighten the joy of brunching with family members.


                                                      Daffodils Flowers Online

    As we all know Easter is the celebration of rebirth of Jesus and new beginnings, what better way it can be to celebrate the festival than daffodils. These gorgeous flowers bloom in yellow, white, pink, orange, and tricolour. Pairing them in combination with other flowers in a jar can be the best attraction for your home. Gifting a large grouping of Daffodils connotes love and respect for the recipients.


                                                      Carnations Flower Bouquet

    When subtlety, softness, and longevity are your theme for Easter, then going the unusual way by decorating your home with carnations can be a good thing. These flowers can last more than a couple of days, and survive the hot temperature. You can make ornamental balls with carnations and hang them on the ceiling. Gifting a bouquet of carnation in yellow, purple, red, and orange color on Easter conveys good wishes to friends.


                                                      Tulips Flower Arrangements

    When hope, brightness, and love in myriads of colors are synonyms with Easter, then why not observe the festival with Tulips. These all-time favorite flowers represent love and new life. As they are found in several bright colors in a cluster of green leaves, using them in any style of floral design will double the joy of celebration.

    Garden Roses

                                                           Garden Roses Bouquet Online

    Garden roses are also popular for Easter decoration and gifting. They are not hard to find in April and can infuse fragrance, and softness in the surrounding. Being immensely beautiful, they can also add a divine touch to the celebration. Use these roses with green foliage and arrange them in a wide open-mouth tray.

    If you are searching for Easter flowers for home decoration and gifting, then contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. This online florist can source all the above-mentioned flowers to help you celebrate hope, life, and new beginnings.

  • 26 Mar 2018

      Mother's Day Flowers: 5 Blooming Wonderful Mother's Day Gifts

    Come Sunday, 13 May 2018, and mothers and grand-mothers in Australia will be rendered with lots of love and gifts. You may take your mom for a shopping, or dinner for appreciating all her efforts in raising you. But don't forget to gift her flowers. Whatever form you are presenting flowers in, they will surely make your mum happy.

    Here are 5 blooming wonderful Mother's Day Gifts Ideas.

    Chrysanthemums Bouquet

                                                                Chrysanthemums Bouquet Online

    Chrysanthemum is the official flower for Mother's Day in Australia. They carry the same genes of asters, daisies, and gerberas. They have become a popular choice in Australia for Mother's Day since has the word 'mum' in its name. A bouquet of chrysanthemums to your mother will represent love, happiness, joy, and longevity.

    Floral Centrepiece

                                                                Centrepiece For Mother's Day Special

    On Mother's Day, mums need to relax, enjoy meal, and spend quality time with family. Therefore, people start this Day with brunch. To create a relaxing mood for your mother, adorn the dining table with a stunning table centerpiece made of bright, and fresh flowers of mixed colors. Meals served amidst the floral centerpiece will make them fresher, and bring a smile of your mum's face.

    Cute Mini Bouquet

                                                                Cute Mini Bouquet Online

    When it comes to presenting gifts to mums, the size doesn't matter. Mums are happy to receive them in any size. They don't crave for big gifts. Even a pretty mini bouquet is enough to let emotion spill through her eyes. These mini bouquets are also perfect for gifting to soon-to-become-mother, or someone who has lost his or her mother.

    Vintage Floral Arrangement

                                                                Order Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

    Mothers best utilize their time in decorating the home and keeping it fresh. Take the baton in your hands on Mother's Day, and perform the job of derocation yourself. Order fresh flowers online, and turn any vintage items into a dazzling floral arrangement. A vintage cup or jug can be best to create an attractive display.

    Vase Arrangement

                                                                Mother's Day Flower Delivery

    If your mum loves simplicity, then a round or rectangular flared vase, glass pitcher, or a porcelain vase that can hold a grouping of fresh flowers with long stems such as tulips, lilac, sweet pea, clematis will make your mum fall in love with the gift.

    With varieties of colored flowers available for Mother's Day, it is necessary to choose the right color. If you cannot decide on color and flowers, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. It is a reputed online florist in Australia which supplies fresh flowers in wide arrangement for all occasions.

  • 20 Mar 2018

      What Are The Best Flowers for Mother's Day?

    You may be the richest man or woman on planet earth, but you'll always remain indebted to your mother. For she is the one whose sacrifices are immeasurable; love and affection divine; feelings and emotions genuine. Even Gods bow to them since they know no one but mothers only can raise children. So isn't our duty to recognise such a divine soul? While mothers are just contended with the happiness of children, a bouquet will certainly mean a lot to her. Now is the right time to recognise her efforts since Mother's Day is fast approaching. Here are some options to pick the best flowers for Mother's Day.


                                                                        Roses For Mother's Day

    Among all the flowers that nature has provided to us, roses are the one that instantly reminds of one word 'love.' Whether it's love for spouse, or our beloved mother, roses can emote it perfectly. In fact, roses and motherhood are long related. They symbolize love for Virgin Mary and Greek goddess Isis. Roses have various colours and meaning. Pink roses represent grace, appreciation, and elegance. Yellow roses signify friendship and joy.


                                                                        Lilies Flowers For Mothers Day

    Mothers have delicate hearts that beat in their children. A bunch of white lilies can perfectly epitomize this specialty since these gorgeous blossoms are as delicate as mothers' heart. No wonder, they are used in sacred occasion as Easter, and are also a part in happy occasions like weddings.


                                                                        Orchid Flowers For Mothers Day

    Orchids are exotic and attention-grabber flowers. Just one look at them, and they are sure to give an eyeful. They are also long-lasting, luxurious, beautiful, and graceful. If you believe to be lucky for having the luxury of mother in your life, appreciate it by gifting orchids on Mother's Day.


                                                                        Carnations Flowers For Mothers Day

    Everything in this world is transient, but mother's love is eternal. To idolize such a premium thing, gift your mother a bouquet of carnations. These fluffy blossoms are believed to be the tears of Virgin Mary that touched the ground on Jesus' death. That's why carnations are symbolic of mother's eternal love. Choose in pink, white, and red to gift your beloved mother.


                                                                        Tulips Flowers For Mothers Day

    Brighten up your mom's day by gifting her fresh tulips in a hand-crafted bouquet. The common message that tulips deliver is, 'love'. If you want to appreciate your mom for her caring nature, then pink tulips would signify that. To show your true love for mother, red tulips are an ideal gift.


                                                                        Irises Flowers For Mothers Day

    When mothers are so full of affection and warmth, an ideal gift that can best symbolize their characteristics is Iris. Irises are a perfect symbol of affection and warmth. They are regarded sacred by the Christians. Though they come in a variety of colours, white and blue irises are generally preferred for Mother's Day.

    If you want to appreciate your mother for all that she has done for you, gifting any of these Mother's Day flowers is best. There are many more flowers suitable for Mother's Day. To know that, you can contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers, order online, and get fresh blossoms delivered at home.

  • 12 Mar 2018

      How Keep Cut Flowers Blooming For Longer Time?

    Nothing in this world is ever lasting. All the living beings, living organism, man-made and nature's creation perish with time. Flowers too are not spared of this bitter truth. When fresh cut flowers are used in bouquets and arrangements, they bring lots of cheers and happiness to the beholders. But sadly, they start wilting and leaning downwards after a few days. Luckily, you can make cut flowers last longer by following these tips.     

                                                      How to Care Cut Flowers                                 

    Change The Water On Alternate Days

    While water is essential for cut flowers to survive, see that you change the water on alternate days if daily isn't possible for you. Also check that there is an adequate water level in the vase or container. The moisture level in the vase must be maintained. If there is no or less water, the flowers would dry up causing their petals to droop.

    Trim The Flower Stem

    Flowers need to intake water in order to last longer. When cut, they draw water from the stems, which work as a straw for them. But after a few days, the end of the stem that is inside the water gets damaged making it difficult for flowers to soak water. So use a sharp knife to trim the stems and cut it at a 45° angle. Ensure that, while trimming or cutting, the stem is held under running water.

    Give Breathing Space

    Don't add too many stems of flowers in a vase. Just remember that the flowers would last longer only if there is enough space for the stems to breathe. If they are crammed in a smaller space, they won't be able to breathe and eventually contaminate the water.

    Make Stems Free Of Leaves

    The part of the stems that remains in the water must be bare. If they are producing leaves that are touching the water, cut them off immediately. Stems with leaves that are in the water will release bacteria and cause instant death of cut flowers.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight

    Roses are vulnerable to direct sunlight. Not only they start losing their shine, but also suffer a slow death. So, try to keep them away from sunlight, or heat caused by electronic home appliances. Even if you maintain normal home temperature, that will be enough for roses. The crux of this message is to provide cool temperature for roses.                                              

    These tips are not only effective, but easy to follow as well. Moreover, you needn't have to do be an expert florist or invest lots of time. These few simple tricks are enough to keep the cut flowers fresh for a longer time.

  • 05 Mar 2018

      7 Common Flowers And Their Secret Meanings

    Flowers are the beautiful gift from the nature and they have a magical aroma and their beauty. Whether it is a Valentine Day, occasion, New Year, birthday or anniversary; flowers are best options to decorate your venue or present as a bouquet. The flowers are most affordable way of explaining your emotions to others. Every flower hides its own meaning. The root of these meanings comes from Roman and Greek mythology. Here, we are discussing some of the common flowers having secret meaning.

    1. Hydrangeas

                                                                                  Hydrangea flower Online

    These are the romantic flowers that beautifully impact people. Definitely, the Hydrangeas enclosed the old world charm to attain a classic look. The flowers are most beautiful and feminine one that captures everyone’s heartbeat.

    2. Iris

                                                                                  Iris Flower Online in Pune

    The flowers delivery in Melbourne is now easy with MFF. Iris is one such flower that can turn boring environment in magical one. Moreover, it is also helpful in dealing with the customer service and even people. This flower has long petaled leaves that define eloquence and communication. When someone will prepare a bouquet of these flowers, it looks most beautiful.

    3. Lotus Flowers

                                                                                  Flower Delivery in Pune

    A single lotus flower in a bouquet makes it more refreshing and presentable. These flowers appear beautiful in different flowers arrangement like garden style weddings, birthday, marriage or wedding anniversaries.

    4. Yellow Carnations

                                                                                  Yellow carnations Delivery in Pune

    The Yellow carnations are considered to be the beautiful addition to a bouquet. These are inexpensive options. Apparently, presenting yellow carnations means ‘disdain’. Apart from it, this is the best option to gift to your loved ones. Melbourne Fresh Flowers is one such place where you can order flowers online and deliver them to people closed to your hearts on special occasions.

    5. Peonies

                                                                                  Peonies Flowers Online

    Present as ruffled, plump flowers, Peonies are opted by most of the brides to build up a romantic environment. Furthermore, these are also best choice for those who are going to confess their love for very first time or who were previously rejected in love. The beautiful flower means indigation and bashfulness.

    6. Belladonna Lilies

                                                                                  Belladonna Lilies Online in Pune

    Present as hardy trumpet-shaped flowers is best to present to your parents and others who visit your home. These beautiful flowers have a simple meaning that is ‘silence’.

    7. Foxgloves

                                                                                  Foxgloves Flowers Delivery

    If you are a bride, then think twice before choosing these flowers. Yes, these are beautiful but poisonous in nature. Basically, these flowers are available in bell-shaped blossom. Definitely, they create a gorgeous garden like feeling.

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