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  • 17 Nov 2017

      The Meaning Behind 8 Different Types of Popular Sympathy Flowers

    The pain of losing dear one is excruciating. Nothing can fill the volume created by the departed soul. Though the pain cannot be eliminated entirely, we can at least, try to console the sufferers and express our sympathy over their grave loss. And one way to show you empathize with them is through sympathy flowers.

    Sympathy flowers are best to convey express heartfelt sympathy. They can do what words don't. If attending the sympathy in Melbourne is not possible, send sympathy flowers online and console the suffers. Here are 8 popular sympathy flowers meaning to choose for sympathy setting.


    The best way to say adieu to the departed soul and wish him or her a freedom from sin or moral wrong is by sending lilies, which are widely used for sympathy settings. Lilies are a symbol of innocence and purity. So, by sending these popular sympathy flowers, you wish or suggest that the departed soul has found a new life. While white lilies represent purity and majesty, the white stargazer lilies represent sympathy. To console the sufferer, Order sympathy flowers online in Melbourne.


    These fragrant and long-lasting flowers are widely used for sympathy arrangements. Though found in different colours White, red and pink are mostly used since the former colour is for admiration and the latter for remembrance. So, by sending sympathy flowers online in Melbourne, you are expressing both admiration and remembrance for the departed soul.


    Don't be surprised to know that roses are also used for sympathy’s other than their traditional association with romance and passion. The best thing about these perennial favourite blossoms is the meaning each colour carries. Red roses are best to express love and grief. If the departed one is your close friend, send yellow roses as they represent friendship. White roses have the same meaning as of lilies - purity, and innocence.


    When denoting enduring and everlasting love for the deceased is the sole purpose, orchids are apt sympathy flowers. These flowers don a variety of colours, out of which, white and pink orchids are the common choice since they represent sympathy. Pink and white orchids flowers have the meaning of grace, innocence, and purple ones of dignity, royalty, and respect.


    France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Korea, Japan, and China consider Mums as a symbol of death. They use these flowers only for sympathy’s or laying on the graves. Whereas in the US, these flowers are symbolic to truth and are considered as positive & cheerful. So whether it is an Asian or European country, chrysanthemums are popular sympathy flowers and often used in floral arrangements along with other flowers.


    To pay respect to the integrity and character of the deceased, gladioli is a popular choice for sympathy setting. These flowers are a symbol of strength, sincerity, and strong moral values. They grow in variety of colours from pink, to white, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, and salmon.

    Daffodils and Tulips

    Sympathy is the time when you must show your strong support to the family members of the deceased. It is also important to encourage and fill them with hope for a new beginning. So, do it with daffodils and tulips. Both these flowers are products of the spring that marks new beginning and renewal.

    Forget Me Nots

    These flowers symbolize what they are named for. Send these flowers to show the deceased that he or she will always be remembered. They are best to express faithful and undying love and suggesting the deceased that he or she will live in your memories forever.

    As the popular sympathy flowers meaning are clear to you now, choose them as per your relationship with the deceased. Express your heartfelt sympathy with best flower delivery Melbourne.

  • 22 Nov 2017

      Five Ideas to Decorate Corporate Event with Flowers on A Budget

    Whether it is a conference, seminar, meeting, product launch, opening ceremony, award ceremony, trade fair, networking, fund-raising, etc., holding a budget-friendly event is a tough task. But sometimes, the scarcity of funds can give rise to creativity and innovation. With our corporate flowers & arrangements, it is possible to have it on a budget. Use these five ideas for your corporate event to be a talking point for long.

    Stunning Entrance

                                                                                   Corporate Flowers

    An attractive entrance will set the mood of guests and turn their heads. A rectangular, square, or arched floral frame is perfect to create a welcoming ambience. If the walkway from the entrance to the main function is long, line up the corridor with long-stem flowers. If you cannot find such flowers, just order sunflowers since they have a large head, bright colour, and long and firm stems.

    Adorn your corporate logo

    If the corporate event is to launch a product, use flowers to build a replica of the product. You can take a huge or medium-sized printout of the product to make a banner that can stand vertically on the ground, and place flowers as if they are embossed. For this, you will need the help of a floral decorator.

    Floral Wall

    Colourful floral wall has become the hottest trend and an essential part of event decoration. Use it as a backdrop for the center stage. Since a better part of the function would be on the stage from where announcement, felicitation, and speeches will be delivered, a floral wall can make the corporate event colourful. We offer corporate flower delivery in Melbourne to any venue.

    Unique Centrepieces

                                                                                    Corporate Flowers Arrangements

    Provide your guests a stylish setting arrangement by decorating tables with unique centrepieces. With corporate flowers Melbourne, you can go from minimum to maximum for centrepieces. If you believe in less, than a place a tall vase with mixed flowers on the center of the table. If there are a large number of tables, contact us for flower delivery. For table centrepieces, you can use carnations, and baby's breath along with vibrant green foliage. To control your budget, use mason jars or simple cylinder vases to hold the flowers.

    Decorate the dining table

                                                                                    Corporate Flowers Delivery
    If guests are served on a long table, it's necessary to make the table attractive and not keep it bland. Your guests should enjoy the served meal and relish every bite. To enable this, place a long trail of fresh corporate flowers in the center of the table. Order delicate blooms in different shades to place them crisscrossed for laying a pool of flowers.

    Melbourne Fresh Flowers understand that corporate events are essential for the success of business. And this is possible if the event imbues elegance and formality seamlessly. With a range of corporate flowers, and best creative floral designers at the helm of our service, we can build stunning ambience your guests would hate to come out.

  • 29 Nov 2017

      5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Table with Flowers

    A beautifully decorated Christmas table will create an inspiring atmosphere and raise the festive spirit. Melbourne Fresh Flowers offers these 5 beautiful ways to decorate Christmas table with flowers. For this, you will need our service of Christmas flower delivery Melbourne.

    Rustic & natural

                                                                 Christmas Flowers Delivery

    Give the table a boost by creating a rustic and natural display with the help of pinecones and a couple of round-cut wooden pieces of a plate size. Arrange the pinecones on the flat-rounded wooden board with adhesive and pair it with a bouquet of Christmas flowers and green foliage. If the table is long, make this rustic and natural centerpiece to occupy the space. But don't overcrowd the table though. You can buy Christmas flowers from us in Melbourne for creating stunning centerpieces with a range of colorful flowers.

    Rustic and fragrant holiday display

                                                                 Christmas Flowers Decoration

    Take a dark wooden basket in a round shape and fill it with fresh-cut blossoms with other natural items such as pincones, Christmas green, and seeded eucalyptus, and green foliage. Place Christmas green and seeded eucalyptus to fill the basket way high above its height. Make some space for pincones, red berry picks, and plaid ribbon in red. The display will become an assortment of different ingredients and create a natural look. Add white and red flowers in the display to give a farm-inspired look. Order online for Christmas day flower delivery.

    Christmas Pedestal

                                                                 Christmas Flowers online delivery

    Take two or three-tier wooden pedestal along with some pinecones, candle, and Christmas green. If you don't have it, use cakeboard to make one by fixing with some good adhesive. The height of the pedestal should not be too high to disturb conversation. Fill each layer with pinecones, berries, willow balls, and twigs, and fresh-cut flowers. To add glow to the centerpiece, place a candle on the top layer and lit it.

    Holiday scene on the table

                                                                 Christmas Flowers arrangements

    Place green sprigs in a pair of glass vase. To give it a countryside feel, you can use silver glass or buckets as well. Pair them with golden-spray toy deer and bottle brush Christmas trees with ornaments. Placing red and white roses in the glass or vase with green sprigs can make the table look like a garden.

    Classic & Stylish

                                                                 Christmas Day Flowers Delivery

    If you want to create a classy and simple look easily, go for simple and stylish decoration. For this, you will need to buy Christmas flowers online in traditional red and white colors. Take a medium-sized white plate and fix a tall pillar candle in the middle. Pair the candle with fresh-cut red and white flowers. To make this display go with the table, use white table cloth and cloth napkins.

    You can even decorate the chairs by fixing flower corsage at top each end. Leaving a trail of green foliage from top of the chair to the bottom with flowers in between will make the dinner setting fabulous. For Christmas flower Melbourne, call us and get delivery to your doorstep.

  • 08 Dec 2017

      Five Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree with Fresh Flowers

    Christmas tree decoration in Melbourne has gone a magnificent change. People have moved over the usual tinsel, ornaments, bulbs, and baubles for decorating the festive tree to fresh flowers. While who brought this change is not known, the result is simply magnificent. If you need inspiration, here are the five ways to decorate Christmas tree with flowers.

    1) Tuck Fresh Flowers In Christmas Tree

    First, decide on the design for the festive tree. You will also need layering materials that can help in arranging flowers securely on the tree. Use string lights for wrapping the tree. Cut the stems of flowers and arrange them on the tree between its branches. If required, use floral wire to tie the flowers to the branches so that they stay put.

    2) Jazz Up The Christmas Tree

    Give a fresh and natural feel to your Christmas tree with Best Christmas flowers Melbourne. Use silk ribbon in golden color to wrap the tree. See that the shape of the tree is not distorted. Take pink and red roses and cover the entire tree by inserting them into the branches at equal distance. If your local florist is ran out of the flowers, order Christmas flowers online.

                Christmas Tree Decoration With Flowers         Christmas Decoration With Flowers          Christmas Flowers Decoration

    3) Go Crazy With Colors

    A Christmas tree that bursts vivid colours is another way to make it interesting. For that, you need to buy Christmas flowers in pink, white, red, purple, yellow, and orange colours. Along with flowers, ordering baby's breath for making the festive tree vibrant can create a magic. Just stick the baby's breadth in the tree branches covering the entire tree. You will need florist wire to do so. When the gorgeous baby's breath are secured into the branches, take a single flower with long stem at a time and just do what you did to the baby's breath.

    4) Make It Grand

    If you have brought a Christmas tree that is more than 4ft. tall, you can go crazy with the decoration. However, you will need a reliable florist for Christmas flower delivery Melbourne since decorating such a long tree will require good numbers of Christmas flowers. You can mix flowers for decoration in different colors and shapes. Use the flowers to create a zigzag thick stack of three to four layers as if you are wrapping the tree with flowers. Red roses, peonies, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea are perfect blossoms for this decoration. For additional touch, you can even add a bow on the top.

    5) Freshen Up Your Living Room

    Get creative with red roses, peonies, orchids, and sunflowers by arranging them in a haphazard manner. Though the arrangement will not be in sync, the idea here is to let the living burst with freshness of flowers. Along with flowers, use baubles, and plaids in red and blue strips.

    From white and pink lilies, to blue chrysanthemum, pink and red roses, white hydrangeas, amaryllis, orchids, red poinsettias, gerbera daisies, and peonies, you can buy Christmas flowers from Melbourne Fresh Flowers. We will be working for Christmas day flower delivery tirelessly so that you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

  • 16 Dec 2017

      Why Rose Flowers Are So Special

    Roses are universally gifted for many reasons. There are more than 15,000 species of roses among which hybrid and floribunda are mostly cultivated by the floral industry. Roses are the perennial luxury flowers that have become a major staple in wedding decorations. They come in white, pink, orange, red, yellow as well as assorted colours. You can convey several feelings and emotions with rose flowers. Here are the reasons why rose flowers are so special.


                                                                                   Roses Flowers delivery in Melbourne

    No one can detest the smell of roses. The delightful smell of these blossoms is soothing and works as a stress reliever. The distinct smell of roses has benefited the perfume industry all over the globe. Roses' scents are used in manufacturing of soaps, shampoos, body lotions, air fresheners, perfumes, and bath gels. This means, roses are not helping humans in daily activities, but also offering employment to people in perfume and other industries.

    Varieties Of Shapes And Sizes

                                                                                    Roses Flowers online in Melbourne

    Roses bear different shapes and sizes. There are a few popular options to choose roses such as standard roses, cute ruffled roses, delicate spray roses, and gorgeous sweetheart roses. They come in cup, inverter cup, globular, and ball shape. Some are also in flat shape with petals flaring out, opened petals, and plenty of tiny petals.

    Culinary Use

    Wild rose hips have been used in preparing food for centuries. These hips are rich in Vitiman C and be consumed either fresh, or in preserved or dried forms. Besides their use as food staple, rose hips are also used in preparing jellies and jam for children, and preparing tea, syrup, and wine.

    Can Be Paired With Other Flowers

                                                                                    Roses Flowers Melbourne

    Roses in any shapes and shades are perfect for all types of flower arrangements. They are useful in preparing bouquets, table centerpieces, and for wedding decorations. The best thing about these blooms are their ability to raise the beauty of other flowers in any arrangements when paired. They can be gifted on all types of occasions either in single or posy.

    Different Meanings Of Roses

                                                                                   Roses Flowers delivery

    While beauty, love, simplicity, and gratitude are common sentiments attached with roses, their colours are attributed to different meanings. Red is the colour of love and gifted to people you love and respect. Light pink is to show admiration and happiness, and dark pink for appreciation and gratitude. If you desire someone, present her/him orange rose. If you value friendship, gift yellow roses. White roses represent purity and innocence. To show you are enchanted to someone, gift lavender roses.

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