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  • 27 Feb 2018

      Autumn Flowers And Their Meanings

    Autumn brings to us a few vibrant, beautiful, flowers worth gifting. It is that time of the year when leaves from the tree start to fall indicating the knocking of the winter. This pleasant season usually starts from March and continues up to May in Australia. Flowers that bloom in this season are worth for bringing a new life into any home and gifting loved ones.


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    Though these bulgy flowers are not native to Australia, they are seen in plenty in this country in April. Being bulbous, they are not preferred by many either for home decoration or for gifting. But when used, they surely gain compliments for the sender.

    Hyacinths are found in a variety of colours with different meanings. For example, purple means seeking forgiveness, or expressing deep regret; yellow represent jealousy; white symbolizes loveliness; red means recreation; and blue for consistency.


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    When the brightness of the sun is to be compared with anything, dahlias offer the best option. These flowers bloom in summer and stay till winter. They never fail to add grace to a bouquet for any occasion. Being blessed with many colors, they have a spectrum of meanings. For instance, red mean power and strength to the recipient; pink and purple are for kindness and grace; white for purity and focused; blue and green are for fresh starts; and black for warning of betrayal.


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    Roses are in full swing in April in Australia. They are timeless beauty that never fail to charm the recipients. Roses are perhaps the only blossom that has more varieties in color than any other flowers. Though red roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, other colors have different meanings. For example, yellow roses are gifted to friends as a token of friendship; orange to convey enthusiasm; and white represents innocence and purity.


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    Who doesn't want his or home to be filled with happiness? If that's what you wish, then chrysanthemums are the blossoms that you need. These beautiful flowers have a strong association with happiness and cheer. They are usually referred in short as 'mums' and hence are the most preferred choice for 'Mother's Day.' Though they represent joy, optimism, fidelity, and longevity, each color bears different meaning. For example, red is for love and deep passion; yellow for sorrow or neglected love; white for loyalty and honesty; and violet for wishing 'get well.'


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    Celosia flowers are also called cockscomb due to their unusual look. These textured flower appear like spires because of which they never fail to attract attention. Their name is derivation of a Greek term for 'burned.' The reason can be the brownish spires that look charred. Due to unusual looks, each color connotes different meaning. For example, orange mean creativity, yellow represent peace, and red symbolizes passion.

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  • 22 Feb 2018

      5 Gorgeous Garden Wedding Ideas

    For an outdoor wedding, you can tie the knot in a public park, private garden, a winery, or the open space of your backyard. Even hotels offer open space for weddings. You just need a garden-wedding theme to flare romance. Fulfilling your commitment towards your love amidst greenery  is a romantic way to say “I do.” Here are 5 gorgeous garden wedding ideas.

    Garden Flower Arch

    All brides and grooms dream of a grand entry to the wedding venue since all the guests' eyes are glued towards the entrance. So a flower arch made of cut flowers, and lots of green foliage will be a nice prelude to the wedding. A wedding arch with lots of multi-colored seasonal flowers will make passing through it a pleasant experience. A lush archway with colorful roses and abundant greenery can make a perfect statement.

    Garden flower arch

    Chairs With Blooms

    Express your gratitude for guests by offering them comfortable, fragrant, and graceful sitting arrangements. Just hang a pail on the back of each chair and fill it with seasonal flowers. When the guests would rest their back on the chair, they can smell and relish the natural fragrance of flower wafting through air. You can also spread rose petals along the chairs to give the entire sitting arrangement a dreamy appearance.

    Chairs with blooms


    To add rustic charm to your wedding, create a centerpiece with a round piece of wood with a thickness not more than 6 inches. The diameter of the wood should be large enough to accommodate two glass vases and three candle holder. Use white lilies, and hydrangea flower to create a natural-looking centerpiece. Dining amidst the natural atmosphere will lift your wedding experience.


    Wedding Lantern Centerpiece

    Dining in a natural environment with the sky over the head and a lantern centerpiece on the table is the best romantic moment one can enjoy with his or her partner. A Greek wedding lantern surrounded with pink, yellow, and purple roses, including green foliage is perfect to give a rustic touch to your wedding.

    Wedding lantern centerpiece


    What's a wedding without photography. To have a perfect spot to capture the most romantic moments of your life, create canopy and adorn its frame with flowers and fabric. The canopy will match with the lush green backdrop of the garden.


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  • 14 Feb 2018

      February Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

    Wishing friends and relatives on their birthdays with gifts and flowers has been a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. Since flowers were essential part of birthday gifts, the “language of flowers” evoled. A specific meaning was ascribed to flowers according to the month they were gifted. This is how birth flower originated. Each birth flower is distinct with specific meaning and significance. So if you want to wish someone on his or her birthday, know these February birth flowers and their meanings.

    Iris Flowers

    Iris flower has been associated with the Greek goddess Iris. It also means “rainbow” in Greek since it blooms in red and brown, blue and purple, pink and orange, white and yellow, as well as black. It symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, and eloquence. Iris flowers have been around since 28th Egyptian Dynasty. It is also believed that a flower that is chiseled into the Sphinx of Giza is Iris.

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    Colors & Symbolism

    Iris has a high relevance in Greek mythology. It was goddess Iris who used rainbow as a mean of transportation to deliver messages of love, faith, and hope. Since then, Iris is associated with expressing messages that bring cheer to the recipients.

    A bouquet of Iris flowers for birthday in February denotes these meanings:• Purple iris means wisdom and compliments• Blue iris expresses faith and hope• Yellow Iris represents passion• White iris is considered for purity

    Violet Flowers

    Violet belongs to genus Viola, and is another popular February birth flower. It is also one of the oldest flowers the Greeks cultivated around 500 BC. It is so named because of its distinct blue-purple color. Besides this typical color, violet flowers also grow in blue, cream, and yellow. Due to its immense popularity in the United States, it has been declared an official state flower by Rhode Island, New Jersey, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

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    Symbolism and meanings

    Violets are symbolism of modesty. They were born, when Artemis transformed her nymph into a flower to save her modesty from Apollo. In Christianity, violet also represents Virgin Mary's modesty. When spiritual wisdom, humility, and faithfulness are talked about, violet flowers surpassed all other flowers. They also symbolize deep love, loyalty, and happiness. A bouquet of violet flowers shows that you are always there for the recipient no matter what life brings in.

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  • 05 Feb 2018

      The History & Traditions Behind Funeral Flower

    Paying final respect to the deceased has been a long-time tradition. The customs may have gone through some changes over the years depending on cultures, but flowers have remained an eternal part of the memorial ceremonies even today. In fact, funeral flowers Melbourne have become the best way to sympathize or condole with mourners.

    For years, flowers are sent to funeral homes, and mourners' residence to express sympathy or condolences. Though the choices in sympathizing with blossoms have improved in these modern days due to creative funeral flower arrangements, we cannot ignore the history and tradition behind funeral flowers.

    Ancient History Of Funeral Flowers

    During pre-civilized era, people used to arrange and place flowers around the deceased as a sign of mourning. It is also believed that the flowers were an essential part of burial rituals. This fact was disclosed by Dr. Ralph Solecki in 1951 when he excavated the Shanidar Caves in Iraq and discovered several burial sites where skeletons were surrounded with flower pollen. Further research revealed that the skeletons to be from 60,000 BC.

    Practical Uses Of Flowers At Ancient Funerals

    Since there are no means of embalming a dead body during ancient times, flagrant flowers were used to control or kill the stench emanating from the decaying body. This enabled the mourners and funeral attendees to sit through the burial ceremony without any discomfort and stress. Flowers during those days were the only means to tolerate the unpleasant odour of the deceased.

    Modern Day Uses Of Flowers At Funerals 

    While the art of embalming a deceased has improved a lot these days, flowers are still used in funerals. Today, people resort to funeral flowers delivery to send for memorial services to church, funeral home, and residence of grievers.

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    What Funeral Flowers Symbolize

    Picking the right flowers to sympathize is essential, or else, the whole act of funeral flower delivery in Melbourne can go haywire. In these modern days, sending funeral flowers symbolizes support to and empathy for the mourners. They are also meant to celebrate the life cycle of the departed. These blossoms represent peace to the soul of the deceased, or pure love, innocence, grief, and sorrow. They are also meant to encourage the grievers and express heartfelt sincerity.

    Every departed soul deserves a fitting tribute. You can participate in somebody's grief physically or by sending funeral flowers. If the need has arisen, buy funeral flowers online from Melbourne Fresh Flowers since they have a variety in funeral flower arrangement, wreaths, floral crosses, and much more.

  • 22 Jan 2018

      Best Valentine's Day Flower Gift Ideas 2018

    Whether you are hoping to find a new love or pamper the one who has already filled your life with happiness, gifting Valentine's Day flower is the best way to show you care and love the special person. Thinking of gifting? Here are the best Valentine's Day flower gift ideas for 2018.

    Fire Your Love

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    This is the time to show fire and passion for love. So select deep and red hot flowers in roses, alstroemeria, and carnations and create a floral bouquet. Use a ceramic pot or a glass lantern to fill the flowers. For easy carrying, add a silver handle to the pot or lantern. If these items aren't available with you, buy a paper box in white color with soft-red woolen handle and stuff flowers in it. The blossoms need to have long stem so that their heads stick out of the box.

    For Eternal Love

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    When love is all about giving heart to someone, then isn't it a better idea to gift the special one with heart-shaped flower arrangement? Red carnations, roses, white lilies, and green leaves are perfect for the floral display. Gifting a heart-shaped floral display will also be a metaphorically suggest that you have surrendered your heart to, or it's in custody of the recipient.

    Cupcake Floral Bouquet

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    If a traditional bouquet for Valentine's Day doesn't allure you, then a sweet alternative for it is to gift a cupcake floral bouquet. A ready-made cupcake of 5 inches with wide-open mouth is fine for this gift. You can use a floral foam to place it inside the cupcake and stick flowers to it, or just stuff red carnation flowers in it. Add two pink carnations in the middle for contrast. Also, add a passionate kiss by placing a red cherry on the top of the center.

    For Soulful Love

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    A hand-woven basket made of cane and beautifully arranged with red tulips, roses, carnations, green foliage will show how much you love the special one. Gifting this exotic flower basket on Valentine's Day is a nice way of showcasing your soulful love.

    Charm Your Sweetheart

                                                                 Valentine's Day flower Arrangements

    Gift this gorgeous cube vase floral arrangement pairing with pink and purple hydrangea roses, white lilies, and green foliage. It will add freshness to your romance and will also serve as a beautiful table centrepiece.

    If you want something special in Valentine's Day flower arrangement this year, shop online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers. The exotic flower displays with them can dazzle any loves. You will also receive same-day delivery anywhere in Melbourne.

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