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  • 24 Oct 2017

      Top 10 Australian Flowers Ideas For Christmas Celebration

    Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. On this special day, people celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth by attending church, wearing new clothes and eating delicious meals. No doubt, this marvelous day ends with the wonderful Christmas parties and to make this day special and vivid, the decor takes a significant place. The christmas flower arrangement through a prominent florist is a magnificent idea.

    Melbourne Fresh Flowers is an online florist in Melbourne for a period of last five years. We are not limited to Melbourne but welcome the customers residing outside the Melbourne suburbs as well. Buy Christmas flowers through us wouldn’t only make your Christmas venue a beautiful place but also influence your near and dears.

    Let’s discuss the top 10 flower ideas for Christmas celebration:

    1. Decor the centre of table with fresh flowers:

    By ordering online Christmas flowers like Hyacinths, Tulips, or another of your choice, you can add these in different shaped glasses and place at the centre of every table.

    2. Go all greens:

    Decor your Christmas venue with colourful flowers is not an exceptional idea. Go with all green flowers such as Snapdragon, Oriental Lilies, and more would give a sophisticated look and like by all ages.

    3. Pink for corners:

    Decorate the corners of your venue with pink color Christmas flower Melbourne would give a romantic look. To give an eye-grabbing look, you can assemble different sorts of pink color flowers such as Tulips, Asiatic Lilies, Orchids, Carnation, and more from the collection and place in white crystal vases.

    4. Make strings with flowers:

    Natives, Oriental Lilies, Stocks are some sort of flowers used to make strings that can hang in the different styles.

    5. Decor Christmas cake with Alstromeria:

    Adding a beautiful and delicious cake in your Christmas party is undoubtedly a good idea but adding the Christmas flowers Melbourne around the cake is an innovative idea and covered by all because of fresh fragrance and finest quality.

    6. Hang flowers like centrepieces:

    When it comes to making your Christmas party vibrant and attractive, you can make flower bunches with colourful and glittery strings and hang it like centrepieces. Tulips and colourful roses are the best to assemble.

    7. Embellish the Aisle:

    The happiness the guests feel when walking down the aisle will countless to say in words, if you will decor this entire area with sunflowers. It will your guest a special welcome. To get these flowers in a fresh look, choose online Christmas flower option.

    8.Floral Walls:

    If you want some sophisticated, decor at your Christmas venue walls with different sorts of flowers like Hyacinths, Orchids, Gerberas etc. If you choose floral walls, you no need to worry about other decors.

    9. Floral pieces:

    If you have a simple Christmas party at your home, rather than decorating walls with Christmas flower arrangements, you can go with floral pieces and place in the different corners.

    10. Handover Christmas flowers to each guest:

    The Christmas flowers Melbourne can also be used as presents to your guests.

    Melbourne Fresh Flowers is the best track to follow to get your Christmas flower delivery within a short interval of time. We have a wide collection of flowers. You can call or email us at any time to make your Christmas day more and more memorable.

  • 28 Sep 2017

      The Amazing True History of Orchids and What Their Colours Represent

    The History of Orchids

    The beauty of flowers cannot be expressed in words. Many poets have made prose and poems on flowers. They are striking pieces of nature and gift to mankind. Their demand has never faded over the years. People are in love with them and need them for worshiping, decorations and even wishing their loved ones. Although there are many flowers, but few of them have been laureated for their striking appearance. Orchid is one of the peculiar floral species having beautiful features and people can easily fall in its love.

    Orchid is of the flower coming from the family of Orchidaceae which are diverse family of flowering plants. They are the one of the largest floral family. They have about 28000 species and orchids are known for structural variations in the flower. Orchids is one of the best ornamental plants around. Their delicate beauty and exotic variety makes them luxurious and opulent species. You may find in major event decorations due to its majestic looks and varied colors. Orchids are one of the best flowers available for floral patrons. Keeping them in a vase for your living room can be a excellent idea.

    The term Orchid was introduced in 1845 by John Lindley in a school botany as a shortened term of Orchidaceae. It is native to regions of Asia and Australia. The species of Orchids grow on tree branches and between rocks among others. They also grow in grassland areas such as pastures. The orchids adapt to variety of environments which is why they are easy to maintain. They come in myriad colors like pink, green, lavender, yellow, blue and white among others. They are searched and traded by international collectors. There is no wonder why people are attracted to Orchid flowers.

    Orchids are known to have healing and disease curbing properties. In ancient China, the orchids were used to heal coughs and lung illnesses. Chinese have the major significance for Orchids flowers as it represented integrity, elegance and friendship. Vanilla extract comes from the species of orchids flowers.

    Orchids are popular for baby naming ceremonies and baby showers. In many countries, they are associated with fertility and virility. Earlier, Orchids were found in tropics and were extremely rare. Orchids are used for their fragrance in perfumes. April 16 is celebrated as National Orchid day. You can get an orchid flower bouquet to impress your loved ones. Although orchid is known for fertility and elegance, the varied colours of orchids have symbolic meanings.

    Orchid Flower Color Meanings

    1] White Orchids represent innocence, purity and elegance among others.

                                                                        white orchids flowers online Melbourne

    2] Pink Orchids represent femininity, grace and joy. Yellow orchids symbolism friendship and new beginnings. You can gift it to your loved ones for their success.

                                                                        pink orchids flowers online Melbourne

    3] Purple Orchid symbolism royalty, admiration and respect among others. Orange orchids symbolism pride, enthusiasm and boldness.

                                                                        purple orchids flowers online Melbourne

    4] Red Orchids represent passion and desire which can be one of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. They also represent courage and strength. Green represents health, nature and life among others.

                                                                        red orchids flowers online Melbourne

    5] Blue Orchids stand for confidence and strength among others.

                                                                        blue orchids flowers online Melbourne

    Although orchids were rare flowers earlier, you easily get it today. You don’t have to hunt market for it. You can order it from quality flower delivery services seating at home. You may not find in your wholesale markets but they are available with these services who take utmost care for their quality and long shelf life. They provide you customized options of orchids bouquets or decoration so that you get the right flowers. However, you need to choose right flower delivery services to get that magnificent beauties.

  • 22 Sep 2017

      4 Creative Ways To Make Your Flower Decoration For Wedding Stand Out

    Wedding starts the beginning of a new innings in the couple's life. And as the old adage goes “Everything ends well that starts well,” your matrimony journey must kick off with a bang, freshness, brightness, and full of vigor. The best way to have a flying start to life's new beginning is to make your wedding stand out with flower decoration. The freshness, charm, and vibrancy that flowers add to weddings is unmatchable. So plan your Big Day with any talented wedding planners in Melbourne, or follow these 4 ways for wedding flower decoration.

    1] Flower Centerpieces

                                                           Flower Centerpiece Wedding

    When it comes to making a wedding venue vibrant, flower centerpieces do it elegantly. They are must-have decorative pieces in weddings. If you are DIY enthusiast, use some wicker or hand-woven baskets, or decorative storage bins with handle. Play with monochrome or colorful blooms along with green foliage. Tulips and roses are the best combinations to embellish the basket. If you are using bottles and jars, then use colored ribbons or lace and wrap it. The baskets or jars holding the flowers can be in any shape. Just make sure the placement of blooms must be in such a way that they should stick out of the mouth of their holders. If multi-color centerpieces are the wedding theme, white lilies, white roses, blue tulips, daffodils, and red roses can make the surrounding electric.  Just check online wedding florist in Melbourne and order flowers to your taste.

    2] Wedding Bouquets, Corsages, and Boutonniere

                Wedding bouquets online       wedding corsages       wedding boutonniere

    Tossing wedding bouquets over the shoulder is a tradition and is believed that whoever catch them gets married soon. But before tossing, brides have to carry them in their hands. So the bouquet must look stunning and match with your wedding dress and accessories. Use a bunch of gorgeous flowers and tie them artfully. A bridal bouquet in a dome shape comprising same flowers also looks classic. Just keep the diameter of the bouquet to 6 to 8 inches and assemble flowers to make a dome shape. You can tie the bouquet with ribbons in different colors. For the groom, pin a single-colored, fragrant flower in the lapel. For corsages, use Baby's Breadth. You will also need other accessories like ribbon, poppy pod, pepper berry, etc. In case you want to use different flowers, then shop  wedding flowers online

    3] Embellish the Aisle

                                                           Wedding planners

    The happiness the couple feels when walking down the aisle is impossible to summarize in words.  So make this moment of stepping into a world of joy special by decorating the aisle in a creative manner. If you want to go the traditional and old way of strewing petal, book wedding flowers online. Or you can have decorative stands of 2.5 to 3 feet in height with hands to hold candles and a large mouth in the center to fill it with flowers. The stand with flowers will create an ambiance and will symbolize the freshness in your marriage journey.

    4] Decorate Wedding Cake and Dinning Table

                                                           wedding cake decoration with flowers

    Fresh-cut flowers with green foliage in cascading pattern are a good way to create a lavish ambiance and add appeal to the wedding cake table. You can even cover the cake by laying down fresh flowers around it in square pattern. Or use small delicate flowers in yellow and white with green leaves in a bunch and place it on the top of the cake to give a natural appeal. For the dinning table, glass jars full of roses in different hues will serve as the best centerpieces.

    These are not the only ways to make your wedding stand out with flower decoration. If you contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers, an online florist in Melbourne, you can have wedding flowers online along with wedding decoration.

  • 12 Sep 2017

      Seven Unknown Facts about Sunflower You Should Know

    If there is something that our eyes love to look at and that fills hearts with happiness and lifts spirits, it is none other than a sunflower. These beautiful, perennial, and charming flowers have been fascinating human kind since time immemorial. They are one of the most beautiful sights to behold be it in single or posy. These lovely yellow blooms have been so named because of their sun-like appearance. One can easily connect their vibrant yellow petals with that of sun-rays. Apart from beauty, sunflowers also hold these 7 sweet facts that you may not be knowing.

    1. They have american origin

                                                          order sunflowers online in Melbourne

    These beautiful flowers were originated in America way back in 1000 B.C. Owing to their nutritional value, they were cultivated for consumption initially. They were also used as medicine and oil, which is still continued even in this modern age and time. That testifies their wide usage and benefits to the humankind. No wonder, sunflower is the state flower of Kansas, a state in the United States. Another countries that took their popularity to heart and made it 'national flower' is Ukraine and Russia.

    2. Fastest growing flowers 

                                                          Buy sunflowers online

    Sunflowers are one of those blooms that grow quicker and to an exceptional height. They can grow up to the height of 12 ft. in six months. In fact, they have been recorded to attain a height of 9.17 meters in 2014. Besides their fast growth and height, they are also found in varieties. They can be small, large, and bear petals in yellow, red, maroon, orange, peach, and red-orange. Overall, there are 60 varieties of sunflowers.

    3. They need lots of rays & room

                                                           order sunflowers online

    While these lovely blooms are a namesake of the sun, they also need it a lot. Under sunlight, they can grow to a maximum of 6 to 8 hours a day. But, when they are grown, they have to be harvested in the morning since they wilt in the afternoon. Besides rays, they also need lots of room. Since they can grow fast and taller, their seeds need to be sown at a distance or else, they won't be able to grow to their potential.

    4. They follow the sun

                                                                  send sunflower

    Since their growth relies on the sunlight, they tend to react to any source of artificial light. These blooms face the sun in the morning and when the sun covers half the distance towards the west and reaches overhead, young sunflowers rotate their heads and look at the sun. But when they mature and grow, they stop following the sun, and their heads are remained faced toward the east.

    5. They are made of thousands of florets

                                                           sunflowers delivery in melbourne

    While it may not be noticeable to naked eyes, a closer look to the head of sunflowers under a microscope will show that there are thousands of florets on it. They also provide seed for reproduction from their middle part or the disc florets. These florets are self-pollinated or can be pollened by being spread by the wind or insects. The petals are actually known as the ray florets, which cannot be reproduced.

    6. Russia is the highest grower of sunflowers

                                                            sunflowers delivery

    Sunflowers were introduced to Russia by Peter the Great. Though these sunny flowers took time to become popular because of difference of opinions between Russian Orthodox Church and other churches, they were reintroduced in the 19th century by Russian immigrants to USA. When Russian saw full-grown sunflowers, they took interest and started cultivating it and entered the record book as the highest grower of sunflowers in the world.

    7. They purify indoor and outdoor air     

                                                           send Sunflowers online

    Sunflowers are not just pretty looking, they can also purify indoor and outdoor air. They even have the properties to help reduce the effect of toxins from radiation.

    If you are fascinated with these facts and want to have it in your home or office, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers on 1300 60 20 11. We also deliver a variety of flowers online across Australia the same day of your order.

  • 05 Sep 2017

      How to Choose the Best Australian Native Flower Bouquets - A Wedding Guide

    Marriage is a very special and emotional bond for every bride. She wants to enjoy all the moments of that day and cherish it till eternity. She wants to look her best as she is the center of attention. She makes it a point to perfectly choose her bridal wear and co-ordinate it well with her partner. Apart from the dress, the other vital attire for her wedding is her bridal bouquet where she wants no mistake in terms of its proper handling. She needs a quality and expert florist who understands her requirements of wedding flowers.

                                                                       Australian Native bouquets

    While looking for bridal bouquets, you need to be very cautious while choosing flowers. Although you connect with expert florists, you need to do a thorough research of wedding brides and their floral bouquets to make your day memorable. Off course, being the bride, you would want your favorite flowers and matching shades. However, you can also look for some seasonal and native variety. Seasonal flowers can bring in that natural bloom of the weather while native flowers can bring in the pride of that country. Although you can opt for some foreign and exotic blooms, wedding native flowers can also charm you in the best way possible.

                                                                       native flowers online

    Native flower bouquets can be a distinctive choice for a bride. Australia is one of the beautiful country with classified variety of native flora for the people. Flannel flowers are one of the popular daisy like flowers with soft velvety petals. They are available in colors of green and creamy yellow centers and ivory petals. Blushing bride is another variety for bridal bouquet which are pink and white blooms with needle like leaves. It can team up with roses, peonies and green foliage among others. You have Australian natives like proteas, billy buttons, Eucalyptus leaf, Waratahs, Wattle and Bottle brush among others.

                                                                       wedding native flowers

    Nowadays, flower delivery services almost keep myriad choices for customers and natives are preferred many times. Florists give significance to their customer demands and preferences. They give special significance to the regional days and festivals. Internet presence have been increased over the last few years and florists are also not behind. They are also selling their products on the internet so you can get access to native flowers online. While running around exotic beauties is natural, natives can also play wonders for your wedding bouquet and boutonnieres among others.

                                                                       native flowers bouquet

    Based in Australia, Melbourne Fresh Flowers is one of the quality flower delivery services. They offer huge collection of wedding flowers to its customers. They have various packages like fairy tale dreams, Jewel tones, rustic chic, topical vibe, winter wonderland, modern vineyard, garden glam, floral packages, bridal bouquet, center pieces, real touch package, garlands, filler flower & baby’s breath, rose petals package and floating flowers package among others.

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