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  • 06 Aug 2018

      Tremendous Health and Productivity Benefits of Office Flowers

    Flowers in offices can do wonders for both the employees and employers. They have been tested scientifically for adding more positives to any big or small workplace. Flowers and plants can provide attractive shades in offices that humans can embrace and derive tremendous health benefits and productivity from. If you have a setup in South Yarra and are concerned about employees' well-being and productivity, order flowers online South Yarra.



    Reduce stress

    Blossoms are the best and cheapest way to connect with the nature. Scientific studies have shown that flowers can impact mental and physical well-being in humans. It is also found that flowers help in embracing positive attitude toward professional and personal lives. They are not just pleasing too eyes, but minds as well. Their innate beauty, natural hue, and soothing fragrance can work as an elixir in reducing stress. As per color psychology, the blue color of Iris flower has the capacity to calm down mind and body. Whether in soft or strong color, Irises can bring down emotional and mental strain.


    Positive impact

    Another important revelation that studies on flowers have derived is the positive impact on human's  mood. Since positive mood can aid in productivity, keeping fresh office flowers on desks can help a lot. Researches have also demonstrated that fresh flowers can keep high blood pressure in check, improve happiness, and cut down absenteeism. Thus, incorporating office flowers at workplace is the best thing for health benefits and productivity in employees.



    Add splash of colors to office

    Flowers can add aesthetic appeal to a workplace as well as makes it colorful. An office that is bursting in myriads of positive and soothing colors makes the environment enjoyable. The splash of colors in the office will infuse the feelings of being welcome in your employees. They will seldom try to remain absent from such a lively workplace. Even guests and visitors would find it attractive and appreciate the work atmosphere.


    Boost Creativity

    Flowers have the ability to extract creativity out of employees when kept in the workplace. They help in thinking unconventionally, come out with innovative ideas, and produce creative solutions for any minor or complex issues. Moreover, certain flower plants have the abilities to improve indoor air quality that is essential for good health. If any of your friend is struggling with creativity at his or her office,  just send flower South Yarra and take the feedback after a couple of days.


    Natural air filter


    Since one-third part of the day is spent in office, it becomes essential to breathe some fresh air and liven things up. Some flower plants such as large chrysanthemum works as a natural air filter. It can absorb indoor toxins and filer the air. Moreover, since they are also a symbol of good luck, keeping them at workplace may also help increase revenue for your business.


    There are many office flowers and plants that provides tremendous health and productivity benefits. To know and order them, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. Being stationed in Melbourne and serving the nearby and faraway suburb, you can find them as  an online florist South Yarra.

  • 02 Aug 2018

      The Impressive and Unique Birthday Surprise Ideas

    A birthday is the time when friends and relatives pour in with good wishes, blessings, and gifts for the birthday celebrator. But all are not lucky to be with their loved ones on their birthdays. If you are not able to attend the occasion personally, you can still wish the birthday celebrator and show how much you miss him or her. All you need to do is send birthday flowers to Melbourne by placing on an order with an online florist. To make the day special for the recipient, use these impressive and unique birthday surprise ideas.

    Birthday flower bouquet

    Say “Happy Birthday” with a stunning birthday flower bouquet and surprise the recipient. A brightly-colored birthday flower bouquet is the best thing to surprise the birthday boy or girl. For the bouquet, use any of these popular birthday flowers -  carnation, roses, lilies, sunflower, or orchid. Ask an online florist in Melbourne to prepare a gorgeous flower arrangement using single or more flowers types. However, it will depend on the talent and experience of the online florist for creating an impressive birthday flower bouquet. So order the bouquet with an experienced online florist that offers  same-day flower delivery Melbourne.


    Floral Crown

    If the birthday celebrator is a girl, send her a gorgeous floral crown. As there will be a birthday party for friends and relatives in the evening, the floral crown will make her cynosure of all eyes. Use birthday flowers to make the crown. It will surely surprise the birthday girl as well as make here knowledgeable about floral crowns not just being used for weddings only.


    Floral Photo Frame

    A colorful floral photo frame with a picture will be the best surprise gift for the birthday boy or girl. But don't use artificial flowers on the frame. Though such flowers last long, they aren't impressive. You will need a medium or large wooden frame depending on what size you wish to gift along with styrotfoam, gold craft wire, fresh birthday flowers and greenery. If DIY is not possible for you, better ask the online florist to create one for you and deliver on the special day.\]


    Floral pet

    We all have a favorite pet that we adore and enjoy its company. Whether it is a puppy, kitten, piglet, or a foal, we invariably develop a deep attachment with it. You can strengthen that attachment by gifting a favorite pet made of fresh flowers. The birthday celebrator will hold such an impressive and adorable gift to his or her heart for long.


    Miniature botanical garden

    Just like the bouquets, there are endless possibilities of incorporating creativity in making this gift. Pots are available in myriads of shape, size, and height. You will just need some textured, green leaves along with some bright birthday flowers in yellow, and orange. This gift of yours will definitely stand apart and make an ever-lasting impression.


    Making impressive birthday gifts to surprise the recipient is time-consuming and requires creativity. So, order online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers and surprise the birthday celebrator. This online florist work with a team of floral designers. Besides serving Melbourne,they offer flowers for birthday in Toorak, and other suburbs. You can also avail flower delivery online South Yarra.

  • 11 Jul 2018

      Guide to Gifting Roses by Color and Meaning

    Roses are the obvious choice when we think of gifting flowers to our near and dear ones. They are beautiful, and bloom in a range of colors.Regardless of their hue and sizes, roses are potential of grabbing attention of the beholders. Be it wedding, birthday, or any special event, these perennial blossoms are the first choice. But seldom does any know that not every rose color carries the same meaning. This lack of knowledge foils the message the giver intends to convey. So before opting for flower delivery in Melbourne, know this guide to gifting roses by color and meaning.

    Red Rose

    There is something about red roses that they are picked for ages by poets as an expression of love and romance. Their beauty and perfection make them ideal for proposing to someone. They are the most affordable way to say “I love you.” Besides expressing your hidden love for someone, red roses are also the first choice for gifting to near and dear ones on birthdays and weddings.Other than carrying the message of love and romance, a bouquet of red roses also mean appreciation for the recipient. Red roses are also used as wedding flowers Melbourne for decoration and gifting to guests.


    Pink Roses

    There are many shades in pink and so do the meanings. They are best to gift when you have just stepped into a relationship and are looking forward to carrying it further. They represent joy, admiration, and gratitude.Besides lovers, pink roses are also preferred for gifting to friends and relatives when you need to show affection for them. In case, you want to appreciate the recipient's innocence and sweetness, you can gift a bouquet of light pink roses. For expressing deep gratitude, gift deep pink roses. To express a token of admiration to your friend or relative, a bouquet of pink roses is the best.


    Yellow Roses

    Yellow color in itself symbolizes joy and exuberance. And when the rose is this universal happy color, then what else could be the best gift to send birthday flowers to a dear friend. A bouquet of yellow roses is to celebrate friendship as well as to congratulate friends on something good they have achieved. Yellow roses are the best way to display that your friendship is pure and platonic.

    Orange Roses

    Whether you are fascinated with someone's charm or driven by their passion and energy, the blazing orange roses are best for gifting. They are preferred for expressing strong feeling be it passion, gratitude, or enthusiasm. A bouquet of orange roses is usually meant for communicating great desire, strong feelings, and pride. The orange roses are the second to red roses when it comes to igniting passion and romance.


    Green Roses

    These roses may be a little difficult to find, but are best when you want to express best wishes to someone on their new beginning. You can find green roses with an online wedding florist since they use them for preparing wedding bouquets. Since green roses are off-white roses, they are also used to wishing recovery from medical conditions.


    Mixed Roses

    The beauty of the rose lies in its ability to go well with any other blossoms in various flower arrangements. They can even be combined indifferent colors when you want to convey message of happiness for the recipients. A bouquet of mixed roses in varying colors represents mixed feelings.


    Whether you want to express love, affection, admiration,friendship, or gratitude this guide to gifting roses by color and meaning will help you. If you want to send flowers for birthday in Toorak, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. This online florist provides same-day flower delivery all suburbs in Melbourne for all types of personal and professional events. 

  • 11 Jun 2018

      7 Things Orchid Lovers Should Know

    Orchids are the epitome of beauty, luxury, and strength. They belong to a large family of flowering plants with 25000 different species. These beautiful and elegant flowers have a deep connection with Greek mythology. In fact, the name 'orchid' is taken from a Greek word 'orchis,' which means testicle. Another legend associates them with a Greek character called Orchis, whom the gods turned into a flower. Their geometrically-shaped petals, distinct patterns, beauty,  fragrance, and medicinal properties have made them exotic flowers. They look rich and luxurious when used in floral displays. No wonder, florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to add grace and beauty to any events. If you are an orchid lover, you must know these seven things about it. 

    Orchid Characteristics

    Orchids are found in a gamut of colors and sizes. Some species of these delicate flowers can grow to small, medium, and large size. The medium and large-sized orchids belong to the Grammatophyllum species and can even weigh up to a hundred pound, or more than that. The smallest orchid - Plztystele jungermannioides grow to a meager size of 2mm. Whether small, medium, or large three petals, and three sepals, which also resemble the petals are the common characteristics in orchids. The waxy tube-like structure found in orchids is called column, which is a combination of the male and female plants' organs. However, what make orchids similar is their bilateral symmetrical structure. They are pollinated by bees and other insects. 

    Orchid flowers

    What your love for orchid makes you

    Orchid lovers are considered polite, practical, and social. This means, you are the one who doesn't get carried away easily and weigh your attitude carefully. Though you have a refined taste, you struggle a lot when it comes to polishing your appearance. You are honest and speak your mind. But since orchids are expensive flowers, you experience a sudden change in your mood. If you want to express appreciation to someone for their refined and worldly characteristics, order flowers online in Melbourne  and send a bouquet of orchids.

    14th Anniversary Flower

    Orchid is gifted to loved ones to congratulate them on their 14th wedding anniversaries. By sending a bouquet of orchids of this occasion, you express love, and appreciate the couple for their wisdom, and thoughtfulness. With the orchid bouquet, you also wish the recipient a long life.

    14th anniversary gift idea

    High survival instinct

    Some species of orchid plants are blessed with a long life. They can literally survive up to 6 months.  But such species only grow once or twice in a year. However, the lifespan of orchids will depend on how you take their care. Just provide the right environment for them to thrive by placing the plant in  a bright area.

    Orchid flower plant

    Orchid meaning and symbolism

    Orchid is a perennial flower with high regard in Greek and Chinese mythology. It symbolizes love, beauty, fertility (in Chinese culture), refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. The Greek considers its large tuberous roots as a symbol of a male child, and the small tubers for a female child.

    Orchid color meanings

    The common meanings of orchid are love and beauty. But due to their variety in colors, each carries a different meaning.

    •         Blue – This orchid color represents rarity since they are rare to find. One can find orchids in tinted blue, but not true blue.
    •          Red – This color symbolizes passion, desire, strength, and courage
    •          Pink – Pink orchid signifies joy, happiness, grace, innocence, and femininity
    •          White – White orchid symbolizes humility, innocence, purity, and elegance
    •          Purple – Purple color in orchid represents admiration, dignity, respect, and royalty
    •          Yellow – Yellow orchid is meant for celebrating friendship, joy, and new beginning
    •          Orange – Orange orchid expresses boldness, pride, and enthusiasm 

    Colour meaning of orchid flower

    Orchid usage

    The floral industry worldwide is smitten by the beauty of orchid flowers. Therefore, all online florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to grace the occasion. Orchids are also used for preparing perfumes, spices, and drug owing to their fragrance and medicinal properties.

    To grace any event or decorate home with orchids, order online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers and receive same-day flower delivery in Melbourne. You can find the best species of orchids with them anytime of the year.

  • 04 Jun 2018

      5 Inspirational Tips for Flower Arrangement in Office

    Decking up your office with flowers is not easy even if it looks so. Just pitching a few flowers with stems in a vase and placing it randomly anywhere will do no good. In fact, it will display poor aesthetic sense, and may even make visitors to the office chuckle. Only if you are able to select the right office flowers and plants, you can create some appealing flower arrangements for your office.Follow these 5 inspiration tips to decorate your office with flowers.

    Floralcenterpiece for reception

    The reception is the first thing visitors and clients see first. If it is adorned properly with flowers, it can create welcome feelings for the guests and create a positive ambiance as well. Since the reception is also the area where visitors wait, they would not mind waiting even if the appointment time exceeds. Choose flowers that don't perish soon. In this regard, orchid flowers outshine all the other blooms. But then, they are pricey. That's why they are regarded as ornamental flowers. Use peony and hydrangea flowers, grasses with green foliage and arrange them in a crystal pedestal bowl. This table centerpiece will warm up the reception and soothe senses.

     Floral centerpiece for reception


    Floralcenterpiece for conference room

    Let's admit it that the conference room of every office is an area where lengthy and boring discussions take place. For some, the discussion is to sneak a quick nap.To keep the employees awake, add some splash of color and enhance the out come of the meeting. A cylindrical shaped vase with a wide-open mouth to hold adozen of flowers stems and green foliage will do the job of refreshing. Pick any kind of flowers for the vase in multiple colors. Remember, the flower arrangement shouldn’t appear too loud, but exudes a corporate look.

     Floral centerpiece for conference room


    OfficeDesk flower arrangement

    Often desk in offices are riddled with notepads, and pens. No doubt, these are essential items to work. The downside is, it makes the work station dull and boring. So add spice to the office desk with a just a glass and a few rose stems. Pick your favorite flower and color and place them in the glass. Keep the glass vase next to the computer screen. Who knows, the fresh flowers can also minimize the side effect of the radiation emanating from the monitor.


     Office Desk flower arrangement


    Orchids and foliage arrangement

    A contemporary arrangement or orchids and foliage can give a vibrant look to the office. Use white and yellow orchids along with green and arrange them in as quare acrylic vase with 5-inch wide open mouth. You can keep this flower arrangement on the table where your employees will be doing creative work.

     Orchids and foliage arrangement>


    Rustic Charm

    If you want to add country charm to your office, then this flower arrangement of garden daisies in a rustic metal pitcher will exude that charm. This floral happiness appears straight from the farm and help employees connect with their home town.


     Rustic Charm

    If you want to deck up your office with fresh flowers, contact Melbourne FreshFlowers. This online florist delivers fresh corporate and office flowers to bigbrand names across Australia and offer fabulous flower arrangement for offices,restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. 

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